A&B Floral Return Policy


Thank you for shopping at A&B Floral.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.

The merchandise shipped from our facility is tendered to the carrier in good condition. It is imperative that you inspect your shipment upon receipt. We are willing to assist you with filing any claim with the carrier for damage or shortage of goods on the shipment.

If damage or product shortage occurs, it MUST BE NOTED on the carrier’s delivery receipt. Our merchandise was tendered to the carrier in suitable packaging. Any visible damages or shortage MUST BE NOTED ON THE FREIGHT BILL BEFORE THE DRIVER LEAVES YOUR DOCK. Also, the driver delivering the merchandise must sign the notation. We ask that you notify someone at A&B Floral so that we can better aid you in filing a claim with the carrier in a timely manner.

A reminder for customers receiving shipments via freight carriers: It is your responsibility to count the cases upon arrival. If you sign your delivery receipt as acceptable and later discover that you are short merchandise or there is damage, A&B Floral will not be able to process your claim with the carrier once the receipt is signed “CLEAR.”

If you happen to come across concealed damages or loss, we ask that you notify the carrier and our Customer Service team within 14 business days upon receipt of merchandise. It is imperative that the carrier is notified as soon as possible and an inspection is requested. The carrier will not accept responsibility unless notified immediately.

Do not remove or destroy any product, paperwork, or packaging material until the inspection is completed and you have approval from A&B Floral. Some claims may require return of damaged goods to carrier or A&B Floral.

Returned merchandise is not accepted by A&B Floral without authorization from our Customer Service team. Report any returns due to damage or product error by calling toll free 800-222-6778.

At A&B Floral, we ask that all invoices are paid in full. A credit memo will be issued to make any adjustments required. If there happens to be a dispute with us, please provide us with ample backup so that we may issue the proper credit. In order to maintain your credit standing with A&B Floral, please do not hold up on payments until an adjustment has been issued.